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You’re visiting this page because you want to use a sling/carrier with your child.  Or because someone else has told you that you should or need to use a sling/carrier with your child.  You are likely to have looked at slings and carriers online or in the shops and you’re possibly feeling overwhelmed by all the different options. You may have read or been told that carrier X, Y and/or Z are “best”, “easiest to use”, “best for baby” etc. but are concerned about the expense. A friend may have given you their old carrier, someone may have bought you a carrier, you may have bought a carrier and just can’t quite get on with it.

We’re here to help with all of that.

First of all, please put aside the idea that there is a BEST carrier, there really isn’t. In the same way there are no BEST shoes, or a BEST car. There is only the carrier (or shoes, or car) which meets your needs. That carrier should be of sound construction and reputable manufacture, safe for your child and comfortable for you.

The four scenarios below describe most people who get in touch:

  • We are pregnant / our baby is under 4 months old
  • Our baby is 4-18 months old
  • Our child is over 18 months old
  • I have my own carrier and need some help with it