Speciality Carriers

Included here are carriers we have available but do not routinely take to Library sessions unless requested:

  • Lifft Pouch Carrier – all sizes. The Lifft Pouch is a multifunctional, easy to use baby carrier that is suitable from 3 months, and can be used until 3 years of age (up to 35lbs /15.88kg). There are no buckles, clips, straps or wrapping involved, making it easy and comfortable to wear, with the weight distributed across your body, and they fold small enough to pop in your changing bag.
  • Onbuhimo – originating from Japan the onbuhimo design is a rectangle of fabric with shoulder-only straps (no waistband) secured through rings, loops or buckles. Worn high on the back this carrier is suitable for babies or toddlers who can sit independently. Because of the design all the weight is carried through the shoulders. Often suggested as a good option for carrying when pregnant.
  • Podaegi – a traditional Korean carrier made up of a rectangle of fabric attached to a long strap. Incredibly versatile, suitable from birth to big, can be tied in many different ways, much less of a learning curve than a woven wrap, very underrated in our opinion!!
  • Twin Carrier – Weego
  • Twin Carrier – MiniMonkey Twin
  • Twin Carrier – Twingo

If you’ve not seen the carrier type you are interested in mentioned on our site email us anyway, we’ve plenty more !!

However, we do not stock or advise on framed hiking carriers

  • Our experience of this style of carrier has been overwhelmingly negative, we have found them heavy, awkward and ill-fitting (for us), and not supportive enough of a comfortable position for our children (especially when asleep).
  • They’re huge to store and transport, we keep all our stock crammed into a storage unit and take the required carrying options to and from sessions in a normal car.
  • You can try them on at Go Outdoors, Decathlon or similar retailers.