Toddler and Pre-School Carriers

From 18ish months, it can be time to move up to a larger / toddler/ bigger kid carrier. I say “can be” because it depends very much on your child’s hip rotation and upper leg length.

Larger carriers vary considerably in panel width (which corresponds approximately to your child’s knee to groin measurement multiplied by 2).

In panel width 36-44cm we have:

  • IZMI Toddler (36cm)
  • Wompat Medium (41cm)
  • Connecta Toddler (40cm)
  • Integra Size 2 (40cm)
  • Sleepy Nico Toddler (44cm)
  • Action Baby Carrier Toddler (44cm)
  • Wompat Toddler (44cm)
  • Cherry Berry Baby Half Buckle (44cm)

In panel width 45-50 cm we have:

  • Beco Toddler (45cm)
  • Oscha Half Buckle (46cm)
  • Opitai Half Buckle (47cm)
  • Rose and Rebellion Toddler (50cm)
  • Sling Betty Half Buckle (50cm)
  • Connecta Pre-Schooler (50cm)
  • Integra Size 3 (50cm)
  • Wompat Pre-Schooler 50cm

In panel with over 50cm we have:

  • Rose and Rebellion Big Kid (54cm)
  • Tula Pre-Schooler (58cm)