Update 12/10/2020

This is a tough one to write…

Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to say when we will next be able to schedule any form of Library session. Putting aside criteria and exemptions, it just wouldn’t be ethical for us to invite either our volunteers or the vulnerable parents and children of Chesterfield to a session at which they might, despite our best efforts, be exposed to viral infection.

We continue to offer:

  • Help and advice via our Facebook page or by email to kate@waystocarry.co.uk
  • Consultant Appointments; see here for details, but please understand that we may need to suspend these subject to local COVID-19 alert levels
  • Pre-arranged socially distanced pickups (existing members only) from S41 0HE
  • Pre-arranged socially distanced drop-offs to S41 0HE, S41 7JT or S80 3AJ
  • Postal loans/ returns (existing members only)
  • Loans via our specialist community schemes

Please do get in touch if you need support. We are doing our best to keep this volunteer-run community project going in these difficult times. Please understand that it may take us longer than normal to respond, we have our own families and other commitments to deal with.

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