November 2020 Update

Library in-person services remain closed for your and our safety. This includes Library Sessions, Workshops and Consultant Appointments. As a small volunteer-run not-for-profit community project we do not have the resources to offer a safe and consistent in-person service at present.

Current loans: we are behind on admin due to our own family commitments and health issues, hoping to catch up soon, you can continue to loan, doorstep-swap or return.

Existing members: Message us if you know what you want to borrow and don’t need a demo we can arrange for you to collect from HQ.

Everybody Else: Response time will be longer than usual but we are still available on FB messages or We would like to signpost you to Sheffield Sling Surgery for local assistance and loans or to It’s A Sling Thing for online assistance and loans. Both are real businesses with the resources to offer you what we don’t feel we can, that is a safe and consistent service.

We can’t wait to be open again in some capacity, but for now we feel this is the responsible position to take.

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