Sling Library Update

It’s just taken me 3 days to move the Library slings out of my house and in to a storage unit, where they will be for at least the next few months while builders perform miracles digging out my cold damp kitchen, utility and sling room (cellar) and crafting a warm, light, bright multi-purpose living space for my family.

I hadn’t counted the carriers in quite a while, it’s been a revelation, we have LOTS (over 300 in the unit, over 100 out in the community). Then there’s the demo dolls, demo kit, accessories, event/exhibition kit, transport bags and boxes; I think I probably should’ve rented a bigger storage unit, but my preference is to keep our rental prices unchanged and super-low, so it’s all crammed in to 25 square feet to keep it cheap.

Chesterfield Sling Library is a volunteer-run not-for-profit community project, currently running only one free-to-attend session per month. We’d love to do more, but we also have real (mortgage-paying) work and family commitments. Get in touch via our FB page or by emailing

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