Library Session – 7th April

Bookings are now open for our next Library session on Friday 7th April.

Because this is a Bank Holiday things will be a little different, for two reasons; firstly we have been unable to secure an affordable venue, so I will be running the session from home, secondly there may be no volunteers except me (at CSL a volunteer’s family commitments ALWAYS take priority).


  • Attendance MUST be pre-booked – and you MUST respond to the pre-session info-gathering email to make sure I collect enough of the various types of slings and carriers from the storage unit
  • Spaces are very limited – and there will be timeslots allocated, my kitchen is (unsurprisingly) not as big as Hasland Village Hall so I will need to stagger your visits

To pre-book, please email

If you have already emailed me about the session you should have heard back from me.

If you have a current loan it will be due for return/renewal on this date, I will send out text-reminders a few days before the session.

Sessions remain free-to-attend, our membership fee remains £5 for life, loan fees have now increased to £6.50 or £13 a month (depending on carrier type), and we now charge a ‘fit fee’ of £5 for anyone attending a session solely for help with their own carrier.

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