We are pregnant / our baby is under 4 months old

CONGRATULATIONS !! You’re going to be looking at options suitable for newborn and young babies.

  • Stretchy Wrap
  • Structured Stretchy
  • Buckled Carrier
  • The rest (Woven wrap, ring sling, meh dai, podaegi etc.)

But before we talk about specific options, take time to think about comfort (for you) and safety (for your baby). Because whatever carrier you use it needs to tick those boxes.

Starting with your comfort. If your carrying option feels too bulky, too stiff, too flimsy, too tight, too loose, or you find it makes your back hurt, if you’re not confident about how it goes on or adjusts, then you may already be unsettled before you even start fitting it to your baby. There are lots of great carriers out there, but they don’t all fit all shapes, sizes and personalities of carer.

On to your baby’s safety. The carrier should support your baby in an upright natural position, as if you were holding them in your arms. It should hold them close to you, leaving no room for them to slump. There should be free flow of air to their mouth and nose. The carrier should be age and size appropriate, of reputable manufacture and in good repair. For LOTS more about safety click here.

More about you. If you are using a carrier because your friend/midwife/partner says you should, and it’s not something you really want to do, that is absolutely OK.