Update 10th July


None yet planned; at this stage none of our venues intend to reopen before September

Current Limited Service:

  • Consultant Appointments; see here for details
  • Pre-arranged socially distanced pickups (existing members only) from S41 0HE
  • Pre-arranged socially distanced drop-offs to S41 0HE, S41 7JT or S80 3AJ
  • Postal loans/ returns (existing members only)
  • Loans via our specialist community schemes

Ongoing Loans:

  • We continue to offer discounted loan fees (standard fees, half fees or no fees depending on your family’s circumstances in the current situation)
  • All renewals paid in July will have a renewal date of 1st September. This is partly to cover you for any summer holidays you may be taking, and partly to make things simpler for us from an admin point of view (because we’re struggling to keep up with our admin while also working and parenting). Full details here and on your renewal text (when I get round to sending some of those)

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